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Hello there! I hear most churches need a staff redneck, so I guess I fill that need. I am a 3rd generation Floridian who grew up 600 miles from West Palm Beach in the Northwest Florida town of Pensacola.  This probably explains my affinity for driving through mud, building huge fires, and eating meat! I was raised by a dad who didn’t attend church, but a mom who dragged me there and I am thankful she did! Because of her persistent prayer and a tight grip on my earlobe, I eventually connected to church because of an amazing youth pastor named Steve! He introduced me to Jesus and changed the course of my life.  Now, many years later, my wife Holly & I look back on 13 years of student ministry where many of the greatest memories of our lives include the kids we’ve seen connect with our Savior!
Even though my role at the Journey Church has transitioned to more of a staff development/administrative position, I will always keep an eye toward the youth. As Pastor Scott always says: “we want to be a place where kids drag their parents to church!”
My greatest joy in life is hanging out with my incredibly patient/supportive/forgiving/beautiful wife and two incredibly noisy/messy/energetic/wonderful kids!
One more thing…I had the unforgettable privilege of baptizing my dad too!


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